Baraenor, Lion RP

We are rated mature for violence, material subject matters that may be considered a trigger and sensitive to others. You must be 17+ to join.
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How to create your Characters!
Here on Legends we allow some pretty neat concepts for character designs. Below are all the allowed Free and Purchasable character creation ideas we allow on LOT! You can hover over the icon's to read the names and their costs! Be sure to read and make sure the character you are creating fits the allowed/purchased guides. Lions can be any size - Extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. But if you are unsure do not hesitate to ask staff members for help!


We allow a few mutations on LOT, some are free while others are not. Below are the listed mutations for coat colors that must be bought with bug's.
Albino 310 | Piebald/Vitiligo 800 | Leustic 510


Coat colors

Markings & Mutations

  • Eye dots
  • Lighter cheeks
  • Eye circles
  • Nose blaze
  • Freckles (only on face)
  • Lighter chin/lips
  • Extra fur (around neck, legs, chest or face only)
  • Face marking (full - partial - half)
  • Leg socks
  • Ear eyes
  • Characterized markings (A heart, daggers, crackle, ombre)

    Eye colors

    *All listed above eyes are free to use on any character creation on LOT. Black or white eye color should ONLY be used if for blind characters. Silver/Grey eyes are allowed other wise.

    Bug points

  • Mane/less 100
  • Overgrown claws/fangs 400
  • Scarce mane (males only) 100
  • The size charts!!

    Seasons Greetings and Events!
    Seasons and events are always going to spring up during your characters life on LOT. We have compiled a list of all seasons, events and other site-wide events that will come into play throughout the year. S.W.P's will even be added at random by staff to bring up activity between other members and the fractions.


  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fall


  • Great Hunger (lack of food and disease!)
  • Landslides (rainy season has brought on too much water!)
  • Earthshake (lands diverge into one another creating new landscapes)
  • Bug Infestation (bugs have taken over the plains!)
  • Dry spell (dry season has brought on a lack of water!)

    Site wide Plots!

  • The great move! (herds are on the move)
  • Mt. Fulko Erupts! (the volcano erupts leaving chaos in the land)
  • Pumea's Grace!(child rearing has becoming impossible as lack of safe births arise)
  • Fauna expansion! (the plants have over come the islands to the south and threaten to take over the shores)
  • MAP

    Make sure to keep up to date on your Bug request's and history!